Jikoni Studios is overseen by Jikoni, a multifaceted digital media company that is part digital recipe platform and part video production studio.

What is Jikoni?

From our rentable, functional studio spaces to our community-based recipe site, Jikoni covers all the desired services in the food media space. 

With company hubs in Los Angeles, London, and Kenya, we aim to create a global space to learn about culture through the lens of food.

Jikoni (n.)

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen.

At our core, that’s what we are: with the creator as the focus, Jikoni is a space to cook, create, & share.

What We Stand For

While working as a video producer with BuzzFeed’s food video vertical, Tasty, our founder Kiano had first-hand experience in all the demands a production requires.

From this, Jikoni Studios aims to create a space for food & lifestyle content and events, designed by those who know the work that goes into production.

Building a Community

We also create new opportunities in the food & lifestyle sector, through community networking, our “Pay What You Can” program for small creators, and professional development events held in the studios.

Jikoni Studios brings representation in media, both in front of the camera and behind!

Our Recipe Platform

Jikoni, our digital recipe platform, aims to make global recipes more informative, accessible, and collaborative.

It is a space where home cooks and enthusiasts alike can celebrate and highlight cuisines that have been underrepresented in the culinary field, and is both a recipe platform and an educational hub for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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