Recipe Videos

Our client recipe videos are the perfect hands-only instructional cooking videos for short-form social media channels.

With our productions team racking up 400+ recipe videos, 2+ billion views, and 22 million shares, we are well-practiced in crafting and filming the perfect hands-only recipe video for your brand.


Tastemade: Kerala Fried Rice

EATKINDLY: DIY Starbucks-Inspired Fall Recipes

Authentic Royal: Jerk Shrimp with Mango Chow

Our Process

Recipe Development

We develop, then make a few tweaks, and test again until the recipe is perfectly delicious and easy to follow.


Planning is paramount. We develop a shot-list based on the recipe (or brief), then align with our clients and collaborators. By the morning of the shoot, everyone knows their marks and all that's left to do is roll the camera.


We like our shoots to be 90% planned and 10% improv. With our years of experience in front of and behind the camera, we find this to be the perfect recipe for capturing a natural and engaging performance.


We align on a Post-Schedule with our clients, and then we deliver. The goal of our post team is for any notes to be simply a matter of taste.