Our Values

Jikoni aims to highlight all cuisines and culinary ideals, ultimately creating food communities in which people can teach, learn, experiment, and belong. Jikoni provides the tools for success, and experiences meant to entertain and inspire. We believe that food content exists on contributions and interactions by the people, for the people, regardless of likes and ability to "go viral".

Recipe Videos

Our client recipe videos are the perfect hands-only instructional cooking videos for short-form social media channels.

Digital Series

Talent-driven food content can be difficult to produce without planning ahead. Thanks to our extensive food media experience, we can help tailor your content to your chosen host to make your production engaging, exciting, and effective.

Jikoni Originals

We aim to create content that represents cooks of all cultural backgrounds, while also ensuring that underserved communities have an active hand in the telling of their stories.